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Cost Projections

Michael Landau Architects’ greatest strength is our ability to synthesize design and effective cost control. Our approach to cost control has been successful because it integrates cost projections into the design process. By monitoring cost at each phase of the project the building design can be adjusted to fit within the budget as the design evolves. Michael Landau Architects also has an outstanding track record in quality assurance/quality control that has resulted in construction cost savings for our clients. Our average change order ratio is half of the industry standard allowing more of the budget to be used for additional items such as furnishings instead of the base building extras.

Michael Landau Architects also supports a congregation’s desire to be good stewards of their limited resources. We look to control operational costs as well as construction costs and the use of natural resources to create a building that is lasting value for the investment made. We investigate the initial cost and the long-term operational costs of the mechanical systems, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and architectural finishes to make sure the building is economical to own and maintain.