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Sustainable Design

Michael Landau Architects has long recognized that sustainable design supports our call to be good stewards of the environment and the congregation’s resources. Effective sustainable design is about doing a lot of little things right. Simply adding a few expensive high tech features to an otherwise standard building will drastically increase construction costs without significant real benefit to the environment. Michael Landau Architects identifies sustainable approaches that provide meaningful benefits within a reasonable payback period. Ideas such as additional insulation provide long term annual savings for a modest initial investment. Michael Landau Architects has developed strategies for religious buildings with an energy savings payback of 8 to 10 years for a modest premium in construction cost. Over the extended life of a Synagogue, the savings in energy and operation costs beyond the initial payback period are enormous. This approach is most appropriate to a Synagogue where a congregation will occupy the building for generations. Our current work includes multiple LEED rated projects including the LEED Certified Mumford Hall Dormitory for the Salvation Army and a LEED Silver Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1901 E. Arthur Davenport House.