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Interaction With Congregation

A Synagogue is a community that needs to be full participants in the process of growth and renewal. Over the years we have found that early and continuing congregational involvement on an orderly basis is an important factor in the smooth process and ultimate success of any project.

Your history and local presence are proven and valuable assets. We’re familiar with the steps that must precede a major building project both the congregation and the community at large.

At the beginning of each project we outline a process identifying the committees and individuals that will guide the project for the congregation. We define their roles and identify key milestones for both formal and informal meetings. Michael Landau Architects will attend services and view daily activities to gain a personal understanding and insight into your congregation’s character and style.

We realize a building or renovation project creates a significant time demand on all participants. Throughout the project, Michael Landau Architects prepares for project meetings with clear agendas, focused questions, and well defined options. Our process is designed to use the time of the congregation well and give our clients the information they need to make informed decisions.